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During times of change we should consider changing the way we expand or consolidate our networks.  Let IM Networks give you control of the network instead of the network controlling you.  

IM Networks is committed to our customers needs and goals.  Your customers want more content and applications no matter were they are.  This is great for the sales department but strains the network and capacity planning.  Major markets are great with abundant fiber and transport options so why should the smaller markets be so hard to reach.  Carriers for years have built into all the major Data centers and LEC interconnect POPS.  As service providers look for new customers they want underserved or underserviced markets.  The LEC controls these markets making product rollouts and new services hard or impossible to achieve. 

Our staff of Telecommunication Specialist understand these problems and provide a full range of services to support our customers.  Searching out real solutions that fit your needs and budget is the cornerstone of what we do.  If you need one circuit or an entire network we can provide capacity planning, asset documentation and review, design build services or a custom solution that fits your needs.  Utilizing existing carrier assets or LEC assets and building to business partners creating service options currently unavailable or unaffordable.  Our team of specialist can provide a wide range of transport, construction and professional services to meet your business needs. 

Contact us today and see how our professional service representatives can provide solutions to fit your needs.  To schedule a call with one of our executives you can contact us at: Solutions@IMNetworkscom.com.